7 Contemporary Kitchen Ideas to Modernise Your Home

Fitting a new kitchen is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your home, so it’s important to choose something that’s not only stylish and functional but will also stand the test of time. These contemporary kitchen ideas will help you to modernise your space and add some trend-inspired touches without needing a full renovation.

1. Mix and Match


Who says your kitchen cabinets all have to be the same? Design your own unique kitchen with one shade of cabinet doors on the top and another on the bottom. This bold orange-red shade adds an amazing contrast to an otherwise white kitchen, with dining chairs to match perfectly. (Photo: IKEA)

2. Have open shelving


Rather than hiding all of your crockery or ingredients away in cupboards, open shelving can be a stylish alternative. Add potted plants or greenery and avoid over-filling the shelves to stop it from looking cluttered. (Photo: George Home)

3. Rethink the dining table


Utilise the space in a small kitchen by ditching the dining table and instead of fitting a floating shelf along the wall. Not only can it serve as extra storage space, but it will also double up as a breakfast bar. (Photo: Wilko)

4. Paint wooden cabinets


Breathe a new lease of life into rustic wooden cabinets with a lick of paint. Whether you opt for a muted neutral tone or go all out with bold fuchsia, it’s a low-cost way to modernise your kitchen. (Photo: English Blinds)

5. Go for an industrial look


Give your kitchen a cool and contemporary makeover with nods to the industrial trend; you can easily recreate the distressed bare brick wall look with wallpapers from stores like B&Q and Wayfair. (Photo: TK Maxx)

6. Make windows a focal point


For a budget-friendly way to instantly update your kitchen, you could experiment with colourful or patterned window blinds. These work perfectly with an otherwise neutral kitchen, and are a low-commitment, contemporary touch. (Photo: English Blinds)

7. Upgrade your appliances


Sleek stainless steel appliances look stylish and modern with wooden cabinets. Keep the room bright with spotlights and additional low-hanging pendant lights over your dining space.

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