Great Examples of Small Contemporary Guest Houses

If you frequently have guests over your home for an extended period of time, then you know how useful it can be to have your guests stay in a cozy place that allows them to feel just like home. Having a guest bedroom is always a great idea. However, having a guest house that is an extension of your home is even better. It allows your guests to have their very own personal space while still remaining part of yours. Here are a few modern guesthouses that are one of a kind.

Kearsarge Guest House by Kurt Krueger Architects

The unique aspect of this Kearsarge Guest House is that it is a stand-alone home. What this means is there isn’t a main home attached to it. Due to, this the guest house on the property of the 1968 M.G. Residence which makes it part of the home without being fully attached to the home. Think of this guest house as the smaller version of the main house with a water feature on the outdoors and all. There is even a small space in the front that doubles as a porch. The guest house has everything the home does, but on a smaller scale.

Elegant Guesthouse Designed by Architectural Firm Janson Goldstein

A modern yet elegant guest bedroom was the initial thought when creating this home. This guest home is an addition to the contemporary home that includes not only the guest house, but a swimming pool adjacent as well. Furthermore, the exterior of the home does not stay behind on the modern concept as the exterior consists of glass walls and black metal. The guest house is divided in two sides, one side is a gym for the homeowners and the other is a living room and bedroom for the guests.

Mountain Guest House by Dom Arquitectura

Mountain guest house is one of a kind. It is the perfect guest home for those that want a relaxing addition to their residence. Designed to have a cabin feel this guest house features wood from top to bottom including the furniture. The deck roof to this guest bedroom is the best feature as it is made out of wicker however it is waterproof and isolated. Due to, this you have the roof of the home protecting it in a modern manner while still have the wicker extension that covers the deck.

Atelier and Guest House by C.F. Møller Architects

When you think of a guest house a home like this one is exactly what you think of. The Atelier and Guest House by C.F. Møller Architects offers a main house with an updated extension of a guest house directly connected to the home. The idea is to have your guests feel as part of your home instead of being in a separate wing. Furthermore, the updated guest wing is modern with views of the coast. Need more inspiration for your guest house? We can help! Get in touch today at 084 406 3637 or

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