Exterior and Interior Design

Turnkey design solutions to bring out the best in your establishment

Exterior & Interior



We assist with everything to ensure your design project delivers amazing results. From the spacing and layout down to the decor and supplier sourcing. 


Need custom furniture designed? We take care of every detail and turn your exterior and interior design project into a visually stunning result.


We’ll help you choose the perfect colour and decor elements for every space. We offer advice on colour schemes, painting, floors, and décor for private homes.

Specialists in Interior Design

Earle Design is a leading interior design company in the Western Cape and we pride ourselves on our ability to create beautiful interior spaces for your home. We assist with the entire project, from layout designs down to furniture selection and decor. If you are in the tourism industry, we have a great track record of bringing out the best in your establishment by creating beautiful and inviting spaces that your guests will love. 

Exterior Space


We know how to turn any exterior space into a functional and beautiful environment that will capture the essence of your establishment. We’ve worked with a number of clients in the tourism industry and can specialise in giving your establishment the visual appeal it deserves. Our higly experienced team can help with a practical and beautiful design, while handling your entire design project from start to finish – down to every detail.  

Are you looking for interior design expertise?