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& Construction

At Earle Design our interior design services are tailor-made to ensure your property reaches its full potential whilst maximising the use of available space. We achieve this through a range of professional advisory and support services by applying proven knowledge, experience and skills attained over a period of 10 years.

Exterior and Interior Design

Our interior and exterior design services comprise of client and site analyses, concept design, custom furniture, fittings supply and installation. We also render the final touches and offer exceptional attention to detail. We offer advice on colour schemes, painting, floors, and décor for private homes.



Earle Design is a full-service residential design company that assists clients with a wide range of services that includes selecting architectural details and finishes, collaborating with builders and architects, decorating a functional space with beautiful furniture, fabrics, accessories, and creating custom pieces for your living space.



At Earle Design we pride ourselves on creating beautiful interior spaces that enhance both comfort and function. We work closely with our clients to achieve their dream interiors, be it a residential design or a corporate design.

Our founder, Carlize, offers the following services:

  • client analysis
  • site analysis
  • concept design
  • design proposal
  • furniture and fitting supply and installation
  • rendering final touches and attention to detail
  • Advice on colour schemes, painting and floors, and décor

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