10 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Guest House

When was the last time you renovated your property? Have you walked through your guest house and noticed the paint chip off the walls or tiles in the bathroom start to crack?
These are all the precautionary warning signs that tell you it may be time to renovate your guest house. The idea of renovation can trigger the question, ‘will I need to shut my property to perform the renovations?’, resulting in a delay to refurbish the property. However, the state of your guest house is very important – especially in today’s world of online reviews. The first thing that guests complain about in their reviews is if the property is outdated, needs a revamp or is falling apart. The last thing your guest house needs is a review like that!

Here are the top 10 signs it’s time to renovate your guest house:

1. Cracks or chips in walls, floors or tiles; these will only become more severe overtime if not actioned. 2. Signs of mould, most common in bathrooms. Mould not only looks unpleasant but can also become a health hazard for guests. 3. Stained, dirty or worn out carpet looks tacky. Lay down a new carpet or refresh with tiles or wooden floor boards. 4. Loose or creaky flooring becoming a trip hazard for guests. 5. Doors and windows are creaky and showing rust. This is not a good look or sound for guests and makes them feel like your property is falling apart. 6. Toilets not flushing property, taps not running water consistently or hot water takes some time. Your bathrooms need their plumbing to be looked at and perhaps some replacement. 7. Damaged, scratched or permanently dirty fixtures and furniture need to be replaced as soon as possible. 8. Dark rooms or lighting not working properly. Get the electrician in to have a look at the power/wires or instal more lighting in guest rooms and common areas. 9. Freezing in winter and sweaty in the summer at your property? To make guests happy and enjoy their stay, you’re in need of reverse cycle air conditioners. 10. When guests feel like they’ve entered a timewarp when they step in the front door or a guest room. It’s time to leave the past and refresh!

Planning for renovations at your B&B

Renovations can sometimes be a lengthy exercise if you need to revamp your entire property, so:
  • Put together a renovations plan, with a priority list of the rooms/areas begging to refurbished at the top of the list.
  • Renovate one area or room at a time so you don’t have to close your small property completely.
  • Perform the loud tasks in the middle of the day during check-in and check-out period.
  • Plan to renovate in low season when you expect low occupancy, and so that you’re still fully capitalising on peak season.
Handsaw, hammer, level, nails and folding ruler on wooden background
It helps to have a property management system that allows you to block off rooms on the calendar that will be closed for renovations. That way, you avoid creating reservations for guests in those rooms and across online booking channels. Need help with renovating your guest house? Or simply need a few new design ideas? We can help! Contact Earle Design at

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