Office Interior Design Considerations

Is there an office interior design project in your near future? If you are opening a new office, expanding or renovating your existing space, we would like to share some important considerations that will help to make your project a success.

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First and foremost, when considering interior design for any business type, there are a few points that should be taken into account in combination with what we are about to share today. These include functionality, brand identity, creativity and uniqueness, budget and schedule.

Open vs. Private Workspace

There has been a huge movement over the past 5-10 years towards collaborative workspaces where team members can effectively and easily work together on their projects in an organic and fluid way, and in a relatively small footprint.

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Studies have shown that providing this type of workplace without the proper support spaces is killing productivity. Some people thrive in that busy, noisy environment. Others, introverts especially, are having a really hard time completing their day-to-day tasks as they just cannot concentrate over colleague’s conversations, phones ringing, people moving through the space; the distractions are endless.

Variety of Working Environments

There is also a trend toward unassigned workspaces with a variety of furniture types to support a variety of activities. Lounge areas with smartboards for collaborative work, small breakout rooms for more private tasks or those requiring absolute concentration, desks for the head-down-get-work-done moments, etc.

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Allowing your team to work in an environment that best supports the task at hand is being encouraged throughout the office interior design world. Furniture manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and are offering amazing and innovative systems to back this trend that we expect will become the norm in office design.


Do you and your team members have the proper tools they needed to negate suffering from eye strain, carpal tunnel or back pain after hours of desk work? It is surprising to us how many office workers claim that either they do not need them or that their company will not provide them.

There are varying levels that you can take ergonomics in the office. Ideally we would like to see everyone working a desk job to be set up with an adjustable task chair, sit/stand desk, keyboard tray, monitor arm and task light. If R5,000+ a workstation scares you, start small.

At a minimum, each workstation should be equipped with a good quality chair with a number of adjustment options, keyboard tray and monitor arm.

Storage and Organisation

Providing sufficient storage within your office will give your employees ample opportunity to keep their space neat and tidy. We’ve all experienced those offices with stacks of files all over the place, various office supplies here and there… a bit of a mess.

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Show your clients that you are organized and capable of handling their business (without misplacing important information!) by first ensuring the you have worked with your interior designer to plan in enough storage, and by ensuring your team uses it correctly.

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